Pi-Face and Education

We want to get more people interested in computer science by showing them that computers can enhance and add exciting new dimensions to their existing hobbies and interests.

Pi-Face is the link that connects a Raspberry Pi with the rest of the world. It integrates with existing tools already prevalent in the classroom such as Scratch and Python. As well as producing the hardware to make it possible we've got a range of activities with supporting class worksheets planned, so you and your pupils can get the most out of the platform. Furthermore, we've got workshops planned to equip youth leaders and teachers with the skills and confidence to develop and deliver the activities.

Nutty about nature? Then we’ll show you how to get a tweet on Twitter when a bird enters a nest box in your garden. Mad about music? We’ll show you how you can build your own MIDI instrument. Crazy for craft? Then why not let us show you how to make an interactive soft toy that responds to the weather?

We want to encourage imagination and unbounded curiosity and hope our activities seed ideas to start a journey ofPi-Face with Robot Buggy discovery. The project puts an emphasis on fun, but at the same time delivers simple computing concepts – even for those with little prior interest in, or knowledge of, computer science. Pointers to further information will be included to enable and encourage users to experiment and extend the activity, learning about principles of computer science as they go. Activities connect and integrate with social media where appropriate, making them more engaging and promoting the project to other users.

What's more, The Great British Raspberry Pi Bake Off competition is a great motivator for your students, with a focus and prizes as incentives.

If you'd like to know more, or are interested in attending a workshop or obtaining worksheets when available, then please get in touch through the contact form.